"Many people can obtain a certification to be a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, but there are only a select few who truly embody a passion for a healthy lifestyle and radiate positivity to the people around them. Noel Angotti-Brue is one of these special people and working with her on your personal health and fitness will change your outlook on the lifestyle you will want to live.


In the Spring of 2013, I was trying to find ways to cope with my lack of energy and weight gain due to a thyroid disorder, my weight had ballooned to a number I never thought I would see on the scale. Feeling out of control and terribly out of shape, I decided it was time to take control of my health and fitness.


Noel practices what she teaches. Not only does she do the workouts she writes for her clients, but she is always challenging herself to meet new personal fitness goals. I think this is a wonderful example to set for her clients and shows her ability to be a role model not only to her clients, but also to her fellow fitness instructors and personal trainers."


"I began working with Noel last November with the goal of increasing strength and muscular endurance to improve my running performance. I had plateaued and needed someone to motivate and guide me towards improvement. Noel crafted workouts for our weekly sessions that engage and motivate me mentally and physically. She listened to my goals and assessed areas which lacked strength to increase my overall balance. 

Within a few short months, I noticed an improvement in my running; my posture became better from a stronger core & upper body, so I was running more efficiently. I physically felt stronger, which naturally increased my confidence in my own abilities. Thanks to Noel, I achieved a personal record of 1:42:53 half-marathon time in May, a 20+ minute improvement from my last effort. I most recently won the F25-29 category of the North Face Endurance Challenge 10K, running my best time of 52:13 on the course. 

Besides her expertly crafted workouts and endless motivation, Noel's commitment to finding the next level of peak physical fitness serves as an inspiration to myself and so many clients."



"I first reached out to Noel about 5 months before my wedding day. When I tried on my dress for the first time, I did not like what I saw in the mirror. At that point, I knew I needed to do something to shed pounds and tone things up before my once-in-a-lifetime walk down the aisle. I’ve had always been someone that headed straight to the elliptical when going to the gym, and I really needed help incorporating strength and conditioning training into my workout routine.

I can’t say enough good things about my time spent with Noel. She comes prepared to work you hard each week, and provides a variety of workouts that keep you and your body guessing.  She knows how to push you beyond- what you think are- your limits, and I always leave my sessions with her feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I starting seeing results after a few short weeks, and am so happy with the pounds I’ve lost and the muscle I’ve gained. Noel completely embodies the lifestyle that she encourages for her clients; her dedication and commitment to health and fitness is motivating all on its own. Five months into my time with Noel: I look better and, most of all, I feel better.

This has truly been a lifestyle change for me, and is one that I plan to maintain for years to come. My energy levels are up, and my overall fitness has improved by leaps and bounds. I can’t thank Noel enough for giving me the gift of feeling confident in my own skin again. After all, every girl deserves to feel that way on her wedding day, right?"



"Noel is a different kind of trainer. I truly expected, when I started, I was just another person in the group, no big deal and I would fade off and lose interest like I always had before...not with Noel. She takes a very real interest in your goals, she challenges you to be a better you and she knows just how to help you get to the next level.
It's amazing to me the way she can build your confidence and keep you going when it starts to get rough. Pushing you to get better and stronger, even when you think you can't.  Believe in Noel, because she'll make you believe in yourself."


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