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I practice traditional weight lifting & functional movement. I want to inspire my clients to achieve the next level in their training and show them that no goal is unattainable. 


My ultimate goal is to provide my clients with the education on proper exercise form and lifting techniques, engaging in mind muscle connection, and how to utilize correct breathing techniques. These skills combined with a solid nutrition program and dedication are proven to provide results. 


I believe that helping my clients build a strong foundation will take their workouts, program and physique to the next level. 


My programs will challenge you to find inner confidence while building outer strength and show you that fitness and nutrition are a way of life!

Meet Tori

Victoria “Tori” Hartmann
Education - B.S. from Wisconsin Lutheran College and AFAA PT Certification
After graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. I felt lost in who I was as a person, I struggled on a mental and physical level. I realized that going out every single night with friends, was an unhealthy option. I saw the pounds on the scale go up and up, my clothes started to feel tight, and I kept telling myself next week I’ll get running. After finally deciding enough was enough, I went out for a run and decided that I would sign up for my first marathon. I realized that exercise is not a punishment to your body, but an empowerment of your body and it’s physical capabilities. I fell in love with endurance activities and  have participated in 19 full marathon, 27 half marathons and a half ironman. Some of my future endurance goals include running 30 full marathons and completing an ironman. 
In 2015, I meet with Noel to discuss how I could turn my passion and love of the fitness industry into a career. She mentored me and I became a certified AFAA personal trainer. After gaining my certification I started to train clients and teach evening group fitness bootcamps at the Body Boutique. With Noel’s help and guidance I was able to crush another one of my lifelong goals in 2016 and step on the stage twice to compete in a bikini competition.
I look forward to sharing the empowerment that being active gives me and am excited to share my passion with anyone who is willing! Remember “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Lao Tzu) Take you first step today by setting up your FREE fitness consultation. 

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